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Indoor Air Quality Services in Dallas

Unique Air Quality Solutions for Dallas-Fort Worth betway电竞owners

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is how air cleanliness is measured in and around 建筑. IAQ also takes into account the health of the building’s 居住者. It’s an important figure to keep in mind because most people spend about 90% of their lifetime indoors.

你的家的 暖通必威betway电竞 system acts like its lungs, and if those lungs are plagued with contaminants, allergenic particles, dirt and dust, then it’s possible that same material can affect your health. You probably can’t take direct action to change the IAQ of most 建筑 you frequent, but you can make sure the air in your home is safe to breathe and contributes to a happy, 健康的空间. If you're in the Dallas area, Rescue Air 加热 and Cooling 可以帮助!

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Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that even a single exposure to air pollutants can cause ear, nose and throat irritation as well as “headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.” The real problems arise with repeated exposure, but luckily, you can greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home with the help of a seasoned 暖通必威betway电竞 professional.

Keeping a well-maintained 暖通必威betway电竞 system is the best way to prevent an overall negative effect on your home environment. It’s one reason the EPA also recommends Dallas indoor air quality service technicians use only approved refrigerants in home A/C units – a recommendation that Rescue Air prides itself on following.

Common Indoor Air Pollutants

When it comes to poor indoor air quality, every home has three main three elements that can negatively impact your health:

  • 污垢 (including dust and pollen);
  • 细菌 (bacteria and viruses); and
  • 有毒气体 或气味.

Not only can these particles affect your well-being, they can also impact 你的钱包. The more dirt in your 暖通必威betway电竞 system, the less efficient it is and the harder it has to work to maintain your home’s temperature.

A clean 暖通必威betway电竞 system not only helps conserve energy, it also cuts back on environmental pollutants. In fact, utilities comprise 22% of the sources of oxides of nitrogen, which combines with volatile organic compounds to create harmful ground-level ozone that contributes to pollution. 呼吸 ozone leads to asthma, emphysema, throat irritation and respiratory issues. Do your part to lower pollution by keeping your home systems in check!

Why 调用 Rescue Air?

At Rescue Air, we have the expertise to determine if there is a problem with your indoor air quality, and from there, we’ll know the right steps to take and make things right. Your problems are our problems – that’s why we stress quality of service, speed of arrival and affordability. We can work on any brand of 暖通必威betway电竞 system, and we come to your home fully stocked with the equipment required to finish the job.

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